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Welcome to Brookshire Bath & Tennis Club

Master Board Meeting Tuesday, June 18th @ 6:00pm



NEW Policy for Past Due Accounts Effective July 1, 2019 Policy for Aged Owner Accounts (printable)

1.      (As of the 10th Day) Action Type: Friendly Reminder Letter: When a homeowner assessment is past due, and after 10-day grace period, a reminder letter is sent before additional fees begin to accrue.

2.      (As of the 30th Day) Action Type: Late Notice Letter: If the homeowner fails to pay 30 days past the due date, a late fee of $25.00 and interest at 18% per annum will be added to the owners account.

3.      (As of the 61st Day) Action Type: 45 Day Lien Letter: If unpaid, a 45-day Lien letter would be sent at an additional cost of $65.00, informing the homeowner that within 45 additional days the full amount is due.

4.      (As of the 90th Day) Action Type: Association will suspend all members that carry a balance of $50.00 or greater use rights as permitted by Florida Statute 720.305.

5.      (As of the 106th Day) Action Type: Collections/Claim of Lien: If still unpaid, Brookshire Bath and Tennis Club Association, Inc. will turn over the account for legal collection. The association attorney will file a claim of lien against the property and said cost associated with process would be assessed to the owners account. Once a lien has been filed, the delinquent homeowner will have an additional 45 days to pay the amount in full before the association may proceed with a lien foreclosure on the property.

Upon the owner bringing their account to a zero balance, they must provide a receipt of zero balance to restore their amenities and voting privileges. A receipt from their account access on the Alliant website or documentation from the Alliant Management Company must be provided to an employee at the Brookshire Bath and Tennis Club office in order to properly document and restore amenities.


5.21.19 It is important for all residents to ensure that they are up-to-date on assessment dues. You can check your account by going to and registering for an account.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Community Volunteer A volunteer group is being formed to help out around the community. There are many opportunities available both big and small. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Heyward at (239) 770-7415 or email Here are some projects:

  • pressure washing

  • painting of light posts

  • writing content for the Breeze

  • organization and archiving of records


We need your help! Please sign up for a committee. We are looking for volunteers to fill our 7 committees. Please click on the Committees tab at the top to see a description of each committee. If you would like to join a committee, please fill out the contact form under Contact Us.